Khukhan Thai Mild Marinade

I come from North-eastern Thailand, a region called Issan known for its spicy food even amongst Thai's. Marinated meats grilled over charcoal are a very big part of our cuisine. This particular marinade I've named after Khukhan, a small town close to my (even smaller) village where as a child I would cycle to in the evenings and hang out with my friends. The smell of the food being grilled at the roadside stalls was magical. Today I only have to smell the aroma of meat marinated with this sauce being grilled in my kitchen or on a barbeque to be transported back! Then I wake up :-(
Oh well, what you need to know that even in a region that produces dishes with incendiary levels of heat there is a place for mildness and so it is with this sauce. No chillies, just incredible aromas from the herbs and spices. Try it and you will soon appreciate that it doesn't have to be spicy to be Thai!
Lemongrass. Ginger. Palm Sugar. Sunflower Oil. Water. Kaffir Lime. Galangal. Lime Leaves. Coriander Root. Garlic. Soy Sauce.(Wheat). Turmeric. Pepper. Star Anise. Salt. Cassia Bark. 100g
Allergen advice. For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
Contents will cook 500g (1 lb) meat, fish or vegetables.
Shelf life 12 months from packing date.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Mr James Keogh (Wokingham, GB)
Best marinade for chicken ever!

Purchased this a while ago knowing I’d love it as I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve ordered from my Thai curry so far. I haven’t ventured far away from chicken yet as it’s so addictively delicious that I haven’t felt the need. It’s my new favourite in my salad box for work and I’ve also had it thinly sliced added to a Thai inspired butternut squash soup . It works with everything and it’s difficult to avoid scoffing it all as soon as it’s cooked. So far cooking has been on the grill pan and bbq and either is fantastic as Is breast or thigh . Eventually I might marinate other meat or fish in it , but for now it’s a khukhan chicken love affair.

Iain Weir (London, GB)

Love the taste

Aman (Ashford, GB)

I have purchased a few off your pastes.
My husband and I absolutely love them- the flavours are divine.
Thank you

EILIDH Venters (Glasgow, GB)
My Absolute Favourite

This paste takes me right back to Thailand. Mild, fragrant, and so versatile! I roast chicken with it, and love it on pork belly too.

Christine (Leeds, GB)

Marinated chicken overnight and stir fried the next day, tasted amazing

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