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Southern Thai Green Curry Paste
john rushton (Gateshead, GB)

Very good

Excellent product

We all really enjoyed your sauces. They arrived in good time, good packaging and sorted out our tea for us.

Panang Thai Curry Paste
Joe George (Dartford, GB)
Best Thai Curry Paste in UK

I’ve been buying curry paste from Mythaicurry for some time. The Penang curry paste has the perfect blend of spices and the salt levels are just right unlike the big commercial brands.

Crying Tiger Sauce
Lisa Holden (Bromsgrove, GB)
Crying tiger sauce

Wow this paste totally transformed my steak and the dipping sauce was out of this world will definitely buy more

Thai Green Curry Paste
Neil Hayes (East Grinstead, GB)
Really Tasty Thai Curry

My first order was the Bangkok Thai Green Curry. Full of flavour and hotter than a standard Thai Green curry. Good Thai takeaways in the UK are hard to come by so this is a great option. Recommend

Crying Tiger Sauce
mick hallewell (Leeds, GB)
One for the taste buds

Love going to my local Thai restaurant and this sauce is as good as the restaurant, top draw.

Thai Green Curry Paste
Lynsey Sansom (Cardiff, GB)

Wow ! What a fantastic flavour

Thai Green Curry Paste
Billy (Wakefield, GB)
The greatest paste!

Whenever I come back from Thailand I always crave the food. Having tried many other pastes and never being satisfied I came across this site. I bought 5 different pastes and so far all have been amazing and specially this Thai spicy green curry 🤌🏻. Full of flavour, spice and authenticity it took me right back to eating in a small local restaurant on a plastic chair with the locals. Can’t wait to place my next order

Crying Tiger Sauce
Sophie Green (Manchester, GB)

Marinated a couple of fillet steaks in this for about 5 hours. Cooked them on a hot griddle pan, sliced thinly & dipped in the rest of the sauce. Had as a starter before the Green Curry. Soft as butter but with once heck of a kick!!

Khukhan Thai Mild Marinade
VB (Gloucester, GB)
Not as good as the curry paste

I tried the marinade first and was disappointed as the flavour was not as bold as I’d hoped.

I have to caveat this by saying I had pinned really high hopes on the flavour having read reviews, it was fine but I’d hoped for more.

I also have to say that I tried the massaman curry paste afterwards and it was everything I hoped it would be. So by all means try the marinade but you MUST try the curry pastes!!

Massaman Thai Curry Paste
Elaine Mason (London, GB)
Delicious and authentic

Love these pastes, quick and delicious dinner made every time.
Would recommend.

Thai Green Curry Paste
Holly (Sevenoaks, GB)
Green Thai from She Who Cannot Cook

I came across Mythaicurry on Mumsnet.
I had been trying to find something more authentic than the usual supermarket rubbish. I loathe cooking so need all the help I can get.

Really impressed - well packaged, a very fragrant and pleasingly dense sauce. Decent kick to it as well.

Kids ate it and asked for more. Job done.

Mild Thai Green Curry
Rob (Stroud, GB)
Massaman curry paste - Great depth of flavour

Following on from cooking the Penang curry, I thought Id give the massaman a go as I enjoyed the flavours a lot when in Thailand. This is a great paste! Perfect if you prefer for curries not so spicy but still full of flavour. Definitely will be buying again, I just add a few red chillies on top!

Khukhan Thai Mild Marinade
John Carpenter (Cambridge, GB)

Fabulous thai curry as always. This is the second order we've had as it's so good!

Green curry

Amazing stuff,no better fakeaway 👍🙌😋

Massaman Thai Curry Paste
Pickard Karen (Sutton Coldfield, GB)
Best Massaman curry paste

I have tried a few Thai curry pastes over the last 12 months then a friend of mine told me about mythaicurry pastes
I sent firstly for the Massaman curry paste and I can honestly say it was fantastic, I did it with beef rump advised by my butcher and it was so tender my family loved it, I have since sent for some other pastes to try I’m expecting those to be great too, I won’t be trying any other pastes only using mythaicurry
Give them a try you won’t be disappointed

Mild Thai Green Curry
Helen (Sydenham, GB)
Great for a gift

I've been using these pastes for awhile now and recently ordered a load of the milder ones as a present for my mum. She doesn't really enjoy cooking but loves a good curry and we are both trying to avoid ultra processed foods. I love that these pastes don't have any artificial ingredients in them yet they keep well. Makes you wonder why the big brands insist on putting rubbish in most of their products.

Love these pastes! Please keep doing what you are doing.

Thai Green Curry Paste
Emma Thompson

So lovely to be able to try the different types of green ones

Massaman Thai Curry Paste
Chris Dixon (Bedford, GB)
True Thai

I would highly recommend these Thai pastes they are absolutely brilliant I particularly like the masa man curry it’s not too hot but has just the right spices also the green curry is great I don’t often do reviews but on this occasion I think it’s really deserved

Thai Green Curry Paste
D Nesbitt (Fraserburgh, GB)


Thai Green Curry Paste
Justine Ephgrave (Basildon, GB)

I bought a few different pastes and absolutely love them all. Great quality, great taste and fabulously fast service.

Massaman Thai Curry Paste
James Turner (Walthamstow, GB)
Massaman Thai Curry Paste

Made the chicken & potato massaman as per the website recipe but added in some green beans, carrot and courgette as well. Absolutely delicious! The spice level is perfect and the balance of flavour throughout is just right. I didn't need to add any sugar, just a squeeze of lime at the end. Thoroughly enjoyable and won't hesitate to buy again!

Massaman Thai Curry Paste
Alastair Chadwick (Newton Aycliffe, GB)
Fantastic massaman curry paste and great recipe from the mythaicurry website

It's the first time I've used this paste, and it didn't disappoint - an absolutely fabulous paste. I'm just about to place another order.

Khukhan Thai Mild Marinade
M. (Croydon, GB)
Yummy marinade

This was delicious. I marinated hake and prawns overnight and then grilled them and they tasted so good. Lovely flavours

Thai Jungle Curry Paste
Matthew Clark (Southend-on-Sea, GB)
Lovely Jungle curry.

Love this paste. Nice n spicy. Can add coconut milk and still has a kick. All the flavours of Thailand

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