Thai Curry Pie

April 15, 2023

Thai Curry Pie

 My first confession is that that I never thought I would be sitting here writing a recipe for a Thai Curry pie, but times change and we change with them or stagnate. My interest was sparked on my first trip back to Bangkok after the pandemic, chicken curry puffs have long been a popular Thai snack but savoury pies, usually steak and kidney, were very much something that was restricted to the Bangkok expat pub scene. All that had changed, bake shops were springing up outside the traditional tourist areas and Thai's themselves were getting heavily into savoury pastry. Trending restaurants now had some form of savoury pastry or pie on the menu and when I saw the Mandarin Oriental had chicken curry pies I knew I had to go for it on my return.

My second confession is that I am a complete convert. There will always be those who insist curry has to be served with rice. For the rest of you, those who love both puff pastry and Thai curry I suggest it is not too big a leap to imagine how tempting this dish could be. if you're short of imagination you can always watch the video below😊. The great thing about this recipe is that you're not confined or restricted to one particular flavour, If you prefer Massaman to Green curry then go with a Massaman Curry pie, The choice is yours.

Ingredients for this recipe are for a Green curry pie, if you wish to make it with another curry paste all you need do is follow the recipe for that particular paste, Beef Panang for example, but keeping the sauce to a consistency more suitable for a pie filling. Then follow the baking steps as below, and talking of baking, everyone has their own method often adapting it to the characteristics of their oven or the way they like their pastry. These baking steps are just examples and they're what works best for me in my kitchen.

ingredients for curry pie

Prepped Ingredients for Thai Green Curry Pie. See recipe at bottom of page for full details.

Prepped ingredients for curry pie

 Stir fry chicken in oil until cooked and starting to brown

Cook chicken in pan

 Add chicken to pan with the rest of the prepped ingredients.

Ingredients in pan

Cook for about 10 minutes, or until you are happy with the consistency of the sauce.

Cooked ingredients

Allow the curry filling to cool before filling your pie cases. Make the pie cases by rolling out the shortcrust pastry, brushing the moulds lightly with oil and filling the pie dish holes, hopefully neater than I have:-) 

Shortcrust pie case 
Filled Pastry Shell

 Add the puff pastry lids, crimp down the edges with a little water and brush with beaten egg. Cut a cross in the middle of the lid to allow steam to escape.

Pies with pastry lids

In my oven, I baked these at 210C for about 35 minutes but ovens vary so check at 25 minutes and cover with some foil if browning too quickly. Allow to rest for 5 minutes before removing from the moulds.

Baked Pie

  Serving suggestion





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