Mixed seafood in Thai green curry paste with black rice

December 07, 2021 1 Comment

Mixed seafood in Thai green curry paste with black rice

This is a dish that is incredibly easy and quick to prepare. If you have a bag of frozen seafood in the freezer the whole dish can come together in the time it takes to cook the rice. Talking of rice, I find myself increasingly turning to black rice, healthier than white rice and an interesting texture. My favourite at the moment is Gallo Venere black rice which can be found in most supermarkets, and I certainly prefer it over supermarket own brands. Portion sizes are always subjective, but this would feed three people at my table!

Ingredients. One packet of My Thai Curry green curry paste. You can use either the Mild, Bangkok or Southern green curry pastes depending on the heat levels you prefer.
Around 500 g fresh or frozen seafood. A few chillies, medium mild or hot depending on your taste.
1 can of coconut milk, as always the choice of coconut milk used is important, and some coriander or parsley to garnish.
Rice of your choice.

ingredients for Mixed seafood in Thai green curry paste black rice

 If using frozen seafood it can be defrosted quickly under running water. Start cooking the rice.
Empty the coconut milk into the pan and add the green curry paste.

Curry Paste in Coconut Milk in Pan

 Bring to a simmer whilst stirring.

Thai Green Curry Paste in Coconut milk

 Add the seafood and sliced chilis to the pan and cook, no more than five minutes as seafood becomes rubbery if overcooked.

Mixed seafood in pan

 Ready to serve

Cooked mixed seafood in Thai green curry Enjoy!
Mixed seafood in Thai green curry paste with black rice serving Presentation
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David G
David G

February 11, 2023

My wife and I had a tai in London about 20 tears ago and it was the best we had ever had, unfortunately the restaurant is not there anymore.
So our quest started to find another restaurant as good but alas nothing matches up to what we ate back then 20 years ago.
A friend introduced me to My tai curry and I have to say it’s as good if not better tai green curry we ate 20 years ago , we don’t need to eat out anymore, the taste and flavours are second to none.

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