Thai Green Chicken Curry

July 20, 2016 9 Comments

Thai Green Chicken Curry  Serving Presentation

This recipe is for either Bangkok Style Green Curry or Southern Thai Green Curry

Bangkok and Southern Thai Curry Pastes

Possibly the most famous of Thai dishes, certainly the most abused! I long ago gave up shaking my head in amazement at what passes for Thai green curry outside Thailand for fear of repetitive strain injury to my neck.

The quality of meat available in the West is far superior to that available in Thailand, and yet in Thailand they produce divine tasting curries. That is because they know the quality of the paste and the coconut milk is far more important to a Thai curry than the quality of the meat. An expensive corn-fed organic chicken can’t redeem a curry cooked with a jar of supermarket gloop and a can of coconut milk loaded with stabilisers.

Looking back, probably this got me started on my present career path; the desire to show people what a Thai green curry should really taste like. Cooking it for friends and watching their reactions as they tasted it was reward in itself. These days I have customers all over the world I ship curry pastes to but I still get the same feeling when a customer posts a review on my curry pastes, putting the world right with one Thai green curry at a time!

There are several ways to cook Thai Green Curry and the way of doing it in Thailand varies between the different regions, I find that this method works out best for my paste. One note of caution, the easiest way to spoil a Thai Green Curry is to use the "wrong" type of coconut milk.

Make sure you’re using the “right” type of coconut milk as it will make or break this or any other coconut based curry. Quick guide here, Coconut Milk Summary or if you would like to see the difference between different brands of coconut milk the full article is here, Cooking Thai Curry with Coconut Milk. Just use half a can to start with, if it has separated in the can to a thick part at the top of the can then use the top part. You can add the remaining coconut liquid later depending on how thick you want your curry to be. The "traditional" method of heating the milk until it separates from it's oil and using that to cook the paste is not something I recommend as many people find it hard to achieve consistent results with canned coconut milk.

I packet Thai Green Curry paste, Bangkok or Southern Style
1 can Coconut Milk
500g (1lb) of Chicken breast or thighs
Baby sweet corn, green beans, red pepper.

The pastes are very flexible so you can swap the above ingredients around as you wish. Kaffir lime leaves are already in the paste but if you wish to add more then see the details towards the end of this recipe. 
The pastes are complete but it is always a good idea to have a little lime juice to hand to adjust sweetness, if needed, to your personal taste at the end of cooking. You also adjust saltiness by adding a little more fish sauce or salt if required.

Ingredients Thai Green Chicken Curry

Slice chicken into chunks, the sweetcorn lengthwise and the green beans diagonally. Put pan on a medium heat, add paste and cook for 2 minutes
Thai Green Chicken Curry add paste to pan
Add the chicken and stir into the paste for a few minutes more.
Thai Green Chicken Curry Add chicken
Add the coconut milk. Just half the can at first.
Thai Green Chicken Curry add coconut milk
Bring to a simmer and add the remaining coconut milk whilst stirring.

Thai Green Chicken Curry stir sauce
Reduce the heat and cover pan, cook for around 10 minutes.
Thai Green Chicken Curry cover and simmer
Remove the cover and reduce the cooking liquid until it thickens, this is very dependent on personal taste and the brand of coconut milk that you used. At this stage you add the vegetables and stir through. I've garnished mine with some kaffir lime leaves I have cut into a chiffonade (love that word!) or long thin strips if you must! A note about kaffir lime leaves, you can buy them frozen in many Asian food stores and they last for ages.
Thai green curry add remaining ingredients
Serve and enjoy!
Thai green curry serving presentation 2


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9 Responses

Jonathon Wood
Jonathon Wood

August 22, 2021

Just tried the Bangkok Thai Green Curry paste and it is as good as the other reviews state! Had many packet sauces in the UK that were criminal to be called Thai Green Curry paste. This is the perfect heat level for us and made the best Home cooked Green Curry I have ever cooked. Your tip to buy Chaokoh coconut milk played a big part I think, which we found in a local Asian supermarket. Our local waitrose has fresh kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil, so did pop a little in to enhance, along with your tip of Nam Pla and fresh lime juice. We bought the Panang & Massaman paste at the same time and now already look forward to trying and following your tips!


September 01, 2019

Just love this curry paste, so fragrant and just the right heat level for us. I honestly don’t think there is another paste like it on the market. To the earlier poster who thought it was bland, I think you might be missing the MSG in your “plastic tub” sauces!

Nitsa Raymond
Nitsa Raymond

July 12, 2019

Hi Dave,

As I say in the advice notes that ship with the curry pastes:

“Spice levels. What is mild to one person can be hot to another. I judge the spice levels as best as I can but err on the side of caution with mild/medium pastes as it is easy to add a little heat if needed, but impossible to make it milder. Fresh chillies (best for Green curry), chilli flakes or powder can be used to adjust the spice levels without impairing the flavour. Where pastes like Southern Thai Green Curry or Crying Tiger are concerned these are best avoided by those without a high heat tolerance! "
As far as the red curry paste is concerned the use of chili powder or chili flakes to your own personal heat level is fine and won’t impair the taste or stop the aromatics coming through.

Dave Hughes
Dave Hughes

July 12, 2019

Hi Nitsa,
I love the hot Southern Thai Green Curry, the heat level is just right for me.
What would be the best way to spice up your red curry with out compromising the flavour? or would you consider producing a “HOT” version ?.


November 18, 2018

Made you green curry today was really good usually have to travel a bit to our local thai when I get my cravings glad I found your home.made pastes now can make my own Currys at home :) will be ordering some more soon !


November 17, 2018

Hi Nick,
Thanks for the message.
You’re right, I don’t put Thai basil leaves in the paste because they oxidise and turn brown, I do use them, fried, in the Panang paste however. I have no problem with anyone wanting to add them to a green curry but do so after you have turned the heat off or once again they oxidise. I think adding them to a green curry was something that restaurants started doing over here as they add aroma that a factory made paste doesn’t have. In Thailand we wouldn’t usually have them in a green curry but no reason not to, we would most certainly have pea aubergine but I leave them out as well because it is something that many of my customers would find hard to obtain.
Hope you enjoy the pastes!
Kind regards,


November 17, 2018

Hi Nita, thanks for the pastes that have just arrived, can’t wait to try.
I note on your recipe for the green chicken curry that you don’t add sweet basil leaves like alot of other recipe’s do?


January 11, 2018

I’ve been to plenty of Thai restaurants in UK, but the only time I’ve ever had one as fragrant and tasty as this was the only time I ever made the paste myself from scratch, which was far too time-consuming for a mid-week meal. I used the Bangkok style green paste and I’m very impressed with the results. Looking forward to trying the other pastes I ordered. I love this website too. It has a very nice, personal, humorous touch and Nitsa is obviously very passionate about food. Keep up the good work!


January 15, 2017

I’m sure there must be Thai fairies sprinkling magic dust on this paste as it’s being made! Until we moved to the middle of nowhere I used to make my own pastes as the shop bought pastes are a bad joke. No longer practical as I’m maybe 50 miles from the nearest lemongrass stalk. I never got my paste as good as this though; aroma, taste & colour just perfect. Thanks for putting our Saturday night curry back on the menu!

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